Ulysses Contest – digital student competition on family business

The Ulysses Contest 2023, being the first European digital student competition of its kind, is over

  • 23 May3 winners of 2023

    We congratulate all participants on their great work and proudly present the 3 teams who reached the highest points with their presentations:
    Team 21: David Kalotai, Zénó Manó Kovács, Pauline Schrader and Klemens Ehrenhöfer
    Team 7: Till Herrmann, Eric Geßwein, Anita Borsato, Carlo Di Ciò
    Team 13: Maria Caliari, Marta Bosco, Youssef Gerges, Thi Thanh Mai Le
  • 2 MayWinning teams of round 1

    9 teams have made it into round 2 and will all work on one case study. The teams have 2 weeks to come-up with a solution.
  • 11 AprilRound 1 kick off

    With 93 registered students, the first round of the Ulysses Contest has finally kicked off!

Short facts

Title: Ulysses European Digital Student Competition on Family Business

Time: First round: April 11-25, 2023 (noon) – Second round: May 2-16, 2023 (noon)

Final live online presentation: 23rd of May

Format: Self-paced, Online competition

Group size: 4 students per team (registration possible individually or in pairs)

Methodology: self-paced and task-driven solving of cases in a virtual format

Language: English

Prizes: 1st place: 3,000 EUR; 2nd place: 1,500 EUR; 3rd place: 500 EUR

Registration Deadline: March 21, 2023

Case competition consisted of two rounds

First round: 11-25 April 2023

Teams will randomly receive a case study on a family business’ real life problem to create a possible solution based on case specific questions. Result should be a written solution with 5-6 pages and a short video presentation.

Second round: 2-23 May 2023

The winning teams of the first round will move further to the second round. In this round all teams work on the same case.

Competition description

  • till March 21Step 1: REGISTRATION

    Students register (individually or in pairs)
  • till April 11Step 2: TEAM FORMATION

    4 membered international teams are formed from the registered students (Pairs will be kept together).
  • On April 11Step 3: KICK-OFF ONLINE EVENT

    Family firm case studies are presented and provided to the student groups.
  • April 11-25Step 4: FIRST ROUND

    Student groups working on the case studies (consultation opportunities are also provided with members of family firms)

    Student teams submit their case study results (on written template format & short video).
  • April 25 – May 2Step 6: EVALUATION

    The best solutions (max 9 teams) are selected and proceeded to the second round.
  • May 2 - 16Step 7: SECOND ROUND

    A new case study is provided to the student teams who are participating in this round. The teams have 2 weeks to come-up with a solution.

    Student teams submit their case study results (only on written template format).
  • May 23Step 9: FINAL

    Student teams present their solutions online in front of a jury of experts & family firm members.
Ulysses Contest

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