The Ulysses Competition project aims to organize a digital case study competition.

Interested in family businesses, the challenges they face and the possible solutions to these challenges? The Ulysses project initiates to get to know family firms’ specific entrepreneurial situations, create case studies based on these complex problems, and challenge university students to solve them!

Family firms as basis

Ulysses Contest is a complex case study team competition which is based on the solution of case studies compiled about family firms specifically targeted under the framework of the project.

A complex collection of case studies presents the practical problems of local family firms in a way that they could be solved by the entrepreneurship competences.

Moreover, the central aim of the project is to organize a digital student competition and provide an easily adaptable guidance for further adaptations in other institutions. We consider this important because the collection of case studies alone would not guarantee that those cases will indeed be used in a wide and complex way in education.

The Ulysses Contest is a motivation for students to solve case studies as thoroughly as possible. It also strengthens the international orientation of participating students. Based on the results and lessons-learned of Ulysses Contest pilot competition a roadmap will be constructed that provides a step-by-step guidance for other institutions to organize similar competition.

Target groups

The primary target groups of the Ulysses project include students of higher education institutions. As it is a challenge for students to study along the lines of traditional education methodology: they have a desire to use modern tools and get familiar with real-life challenges.

Ulysses supports lecturers by providing a new education methodology resource, real-life knowledge and improving digital competences.

Family firms benefit by collecting solutions to special problems related to their family businesses through proposed solutions of student case studies.

Aims and outputs

Organizing a digital student competition

Developing entrepreneurship competences

Solving problems of local family firms

Providing a competition roadmap

Six Partners from four EU countries
bundle their competence

Ulysses Competition project partners

ULYSSES will also propagate the exploitation of the European Frameworks on Digital Competences (DigComp) and Entrepreneurship Competence (EntreComp) inside higher education institutions. It will develop scalable online open-educational resources that focus on fostering digital and entrepreneurship competences and will catalyze digital readiness and entrepreneurial competence deliverance of involved students and educators.

The project runs from 30 June 2021 until 29 June 2023 in an international consortium of six partners:


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