6. June 2023
Ulysses contest winner 2023

Winners of Ulysses Contest 2023

The Ulysses Contest, being the first European digital student competition of its kind, is over!
3. May 2023

Winners of round 1

9 teams have made it into round 2 and will all work on one case study for round 2. Deadline for the the final case is 23 May.
18. April 2023
Kick-off meeting


On Tuesday 11 April at 11AM the time has come: the hot phase of the Ulysses Digital Student Competition on Family Business has officially started!
11. January 2023

Call for participation

In this competition, students work in international groups of 4 members to solve real-life case studies provided by family firms. Register now!
1. December 2022

Check out our new website sections

We proudly present our new website section “Contest” where you’ll find a countdown and a concrete timeline of the case competition.
7. November 2022
Press Release

Second press releases out now

A few months have passed and it’s time again to provide you with some updates about the Ulysses Contest! Therefor we have prepared a second press release available in English, German, Italian and Hungarian.
5. April 2022
Press release

First press releases now available

It’s time to spread to word about the Ulysses Contest! We’ve prepared a first press release (available in English, German, Italian and Hungarian) which can now be found in the Download section of our website.
15. December 2021
Ulysses promotion video

The Ulysses video is out now

Watch the video to find out about our mission, goals, challenges and – most importantly – how students, lecturers and family firms can benefit from it!
23. November 2021

Welcome to our Social Media channels!

Of course, a digital student competition needs its own social media channels to get known and out into this world!
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