Step 1: Find professional partners

Family firms case study compilation

Ulysses partners have been working on compiling quality case studies for the competition. Would you like to get a peek into the process? Let’s see what we have been doing!

Step 1: Meetings with Family Firms and Establishment of Regional Alliances

In the initial phases, we reached out to local family firms in mail, and we established alliances with them to partner up for case study writing.

Step 2: Signing agreements and holding workshops with Family Firms

As a crucial step, we signed Memorandum of Understandings with local Family Firms to establish a formal connection between the Ulysses Contest and them, while organizing workshops with the firms.

Step 3: Collecting data

Family Firms chosen from the pool of Regional Alliances were interviewed. These interviews constituted the basis for the case studies.

Step 4: Forming case studies

Based on the interviews, case studies were formed. These were initial formations, which needed some more validation from the family firms, so that they read and agree with all the content presented from a different angle and viewpoint than theirs.

Step 5: Validating case studies

Family firms got the chance to re-read the case studies that were created based on the interviews with their representatives. Partners got the chance to read and evaluate each others' cases, too. This gave them the chance to clarify the issues in case it was needed.

Step 6: Finalizing case studies for the competition

After the previous step, case studies received their final format, brand new and shiny for the Ulysses Contest!


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