European student competition on family businesses

The Ulysses Competition project aims to organize a
digital case study competition based on cases
from family firms in Austria, Italy and Hungary.

About Ulysses

Ulysses Contest is a complex case study team competition which is based on the solution of case studies compiled about family firms specifically targeted under the framework of the project. A complex collection of case studies presents the practical problems of local family firms in a way that they could be solved by the entrepreneurship competences set out in the EntreComp Framework.

It is Erasmus+ funded with a duration of 3 years.

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Who will benefit from the project?


Ulysses provides new methods to acquire entrepreneurship competences.


The projects aims to support lecturers providing a new education methodology resource.

Family firms

Collecting solutions to special problems through proposed solutions of student case studies.


Solving real-life challenges and support teaching entrepreneurship competency.

Interested in participating in the project
or want to learn more about Ulysses?

Ulysses project in numbers




international partners


days of duration

approx. 500


Erasmus+ project

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